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How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet?

Whether you are traveling for work or booking your next long-awaited vacation, there is no getting around the fact that travel can be expensive. From plane tickets and car rentals to hotel costs and cab rides, it is easy to sink a great deal of money into travel. Factor in the cost of “fun” extras, such as meals out and special attractions, and you could easily be looking at several thousands of dollars spent — even if that trip lasts only a few days.

Many people find travel stressful, too. Sitting in a crowded airport surrounded by noise and stressed-out strangers might make you question why you decided to take the trip in the first place. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When you charter a private jet, you are eliminating many of the traditional problems with commercial travel — including the iffy customer service, long delays, and endless waiting in security lines. Here is everything that you need to know about chartering a private jet, from the numerous safety benefits to the cost to charter.

Private vs. Commercial

A private jet is a jet aircraft specifically designed for transporting small groups. Traveling by private jet differs from commercial flights in several important ways:

  • Chartering a private jet allows you to travel in comfort and privacy with those passengers you choose to accompany you.
  • You can choose to charter an aircraft that is the right size for you, whether that means a light jet for one or two people or an airliner for a larger group of family and friends.
  • When you charter a private jet, you can count on a specialized team of experts that are hand-selected to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and efficient travel experience.

You also don’t have to wait in long lines at the airport — in fact, at certain FBOs you can simply drive up to your private craft and hop on board — thereby eliminating hours of stress and hassle.

The Safety Factors of Private Jets

If you are considering chartering a private jet for your next trip, you might have some questions about safety protocols. AAT abides by strict measures to best serve their clients. Here are a few tips for choosing the right private jet charter brokerage for you:

  • AAT guarantees that all aircraft are operated by FAR Part 135 or 121 air carriers or foreign equivalent operators.
  • We also select their aircraft and flight teams from an elite group of qualified pilots and operators. AAT is uncompromising in its decision to work with operators who have the highest Wyvern and ARG/US safety ratings.
  • AAT utilizes industry research databases to track important items like aircraft registrations, pilot certificates, and operator certificates.

When you choose to charter, you want to select a provider that has the highest quality in mind. This will enable you to rest easy knowing it has employed some of the most stringent safety protocols in the airline industry to keep you comfortable and safe throughout your travels.

Determining the Cost of a Private Jet

There are a lot of elements that go into determining the cost of a private jet, and the final price can vary dramatically. Here are a few of the main factors to consider when planning your charter.

1. The size of the aircraft

The cost of your chartered flight will depend on the size of the aircraft that you choose, with heavy jets and VIP airliners coming in higher than light jets and turboprops.

2. The number of passengers

More passengers generally means the flight will cost more, but you also have the option of splitting the cost when you travel with a larger number of guests.

3. The travel distance

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, greater distances will generally incur higher costs. Traveling within the United States will likely be less expensive than international flights, but the majority of the cost comes down to the miles and fuel required for your trip.

4. The amenities included in the flight

Traveling via private jet means there are luxury amenities available to you, including flight attendants, enhanced cabin space, personal large-screen televisions, and other VIP services. These perks could drive up the cost of your final bill, though, as having an in-flight service team will be more expensive than a private flight without one.

The truth is that each flight package will be a little bit different depending on the above factors, and that each will factor into the final price you’ll pay when chartering your private jet. The two biggest deciding factors will likely be:

  1. Who is paying for the trip
    Is this going to be expensed to a company that has already approved the cost of the private jet? Are you traveling with a large group that’s agreed to split the costs, no matter how extravagant? Are you intending to be a little thriftier while taking your family on vacation? The answers to that question dictate a lot about the aircraft, amenities, and other elements you might select.
  2. How far you need to travel
    Distance and fuel costs play an important role here, as does the ability of the plane you’ve selected. If you choose a smaller plane but want to go a longer distance, you may have to to factor in a fuel stop or the price to upgrade to a plane with a longer nautical mile range.

Once you’ve decided those elements, you’re well on your way to getting an accurate quote for your private flight travel expenses. The process can be a little overwhelming, but that is why selecting a high-quality partner is key. The right private jet charter brokerage firm will walk you through your many options, helping you to select the right flight elements for your business or pleasure trip.

Advanced Aviation Team Offers a Variety of Choices

If you’ve decided to take the next step in your private flight experience, The Advanced Aviation Team is ready to offer you a wide range of private charter options that include:

  • Turboprops
  • Light jets
  • Super Light jets
  • Midsize jets
  • Super midsize jets
  • Heavy jets
  • Airliners
  • VIP airliners
  • Helicopters

Our network of aircraft includes options for every taste, budget, and need. From the most basic, comfortable flight experience to extravagant, all-stops-pulled trips. Contact Advanced Aviation Team today to speak with an expert about any jet chartering questions you might have, or to learn more about our safety standards and ongoing commitment to excellence.