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Picking A Private Jet Charter Service

So, you need to travel in 2020 but you can’t take the risk of flying commercial – time to begin the search for a private jet charter broker. The aviation industry is experiencing changes at rapid rates as consumers search for the solution to keep their business moving, leave the congestion of the city and connect with their family during the pandemic. Between the long lines, fewer routes and crowded planes: flying commercial simply is not efficient, safe, or even possible for many travelers right now. This is where a private jet charter service, as a travel option, exists and excels. However; how do you even begin finding the correct charter option for your needs? Advanced Aviation Team knows that a private jet rental is a big commitment and we want to help answer that question.

Within the aviation charter industry there are typically two main business models that are

used to fulfill travel needs. The first option is known as buying a jet card. How this works is simple: the client pre-pays for their flight hours, usually with a minimum of around 25 hours, to have the rights to a certain type of plane. This is a way to ensure a flat hourly rate every time you fly (excluding blackout dates and last minute travel). Think of it as buying a gift card to fly where and when you want on the type of plane that you think you will need. If you are flying private for the first time and this seems like a large financial commitment to start with, there are other options for you.

The second option is using an on-demand private jet charter broker. An on-demand charter service will book each trip individually to ensure that the details of the flight are uniquely catered to the specific trip’s needs. When you fly on-demand, you are paying the current market price for your current needs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t book a trip months in advance. It means that you don’t need to determine exactly how much you plan to fly in a given year. It is worth noting that some brokers, such as Advanced Aviation Team, are able to offer both options to their clients.

Flying on-demand offers some unique flexibility that the simplicity of a jet card does not. For example, for the remainder of 2020 there is a tax holiday on the 7.5% federal tax that is usually placed on private travel. If you pre-paid for your jet card, this tax holiday will almost certainly not affect the cost of your travel. You agreed to a pre-paid hourly rate and there is no incentive for your jet broker to return the money. However, if you are using an on-demand charter broker, then the hourly rate you pay per trip will be reflected in the market rate and you will not be paying a premium for a tax that is not being collected. Similarly, if you pre-paid for a jet card, you are still locked into flying that amount for the given year – pandemic or no pandemic. With an on-demand private jet service, you only pay when you fly. So, if you are traveling less than expected during the pandemic – you are not paying for trips that you are not taking.

Being based out of Washington, DC, Advanced Aviation Team sees many different types of flyers. We have seen clients that need to charter an airliner within the week, in order to move a large group of people with a quickly changing schedule. We have also seen families that need a one time private jet charter because they usually fly commercial but don’t feel it’s the safest route during a pandemic. AAT has seen the needs of our clients change on a whim and we don’t believe it is something that they should be penalized for. There is no one size fits all when it comes to travel – no client is the same and no trip is the same. Whether you enjoy the simplicity of owning a jet card or need the flexibility of on-demand service, the ideal style of travel exists for you.